first strike

yeay/h our kitten bring us the first gift: small bird. poor bird. good kitten. nothing more. photos were edited by me after taken by my girlfriend jenny thanks! :*

nexus 7 from september 3rd

so people…at the 3rd of september i will run to the electronic stores – nexus 7 will be available – highly likely for 249€

cam with android

yesterday i talked about the new pinterest app for android: neis. but till today you’re addicted from your mobile’s cam when you want to use the hole apps like instagram, pixl-o-matic or even… Weiterlesen

eventual – the pinterest app for android is available

i missed this app so much – but now you can download at google play Google Play now it’s possible to view your pinterest-account and upload photos to your walls via the android-based… Weiterlesen

the last weeks part two

nothing new but the kitten…called kiki mia tini ida… cute one. i cooled down at the garden, compensate the hole stress.

the last weeks

ok, I’m back. 9 days ago, I was back in berlin to celebrate the birthday of our friend and dj college empro. so we danced at sisyphos to his music and to the… Weiterlesen

well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.

Have a look. it’s verry curious. colorful hummer… source: SPIEGEL

enjoy the summer

finally arrived: the summer! enjoy hot and dry weather conditions, do some gardening task and try some cold drinks! and here is also a new good, hungry and pregnant cat-friend at our hood…meow!

Summer and animals

Here some pics from tuesday…summer and animals!

olympia again

On friday, the Olympic Summer Games will start. And my cousin Kay Matysik will be there. But not only to be there, he will walk with the german team at the opening ceremony.… Weiterlesen